Fortis Technology Group

Fortis Technology Group was founded in 2003. Ever since, it has kept expanding its offer using the most advanced technologies and responding to its customers’ needs. The company specialises in the production of plastic tanks intended for the storage of consumable fluids such as fuels, oils and the aqueous urine solution (AdBlue).

Quality, knowledge and professional maintenance services have made the Fortis Group successful not only in Poland, but also abroad. Our tanks are used by entrepreneurs and farmers all over the world in such countries as the USA, China, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France, Spain and Finland. As a 100% Polish company, Fortis offers reliable, top-quality products reminding its customers every day that their investment in the “good Polish” quality was the best decision they could make for their business.

Fortis is glad to share the experience it has gathered over the years with its customers, taking care about their convenience, economic effectiveness and satisfaction with the purchased product. It is thanks to these qualities that we are always able to select tanks and fittings with precision to make them perfectly suited to individual customer needs.
The high quality of Fortis products is confirmed by numerous certificates and awards they have received. Our company has its own laboratory set up in order to verify the process of rotational moulding and the properties of the final product. In the laboratory, Fortis specialists keep looking for new solutions and ever better materials which will help customers in their everyday activities.



We love challenges. This is why we treat each customer individually and are glad to produce tanks to specific requirements.


We take care of each detail at all stages of our cooperation with customers. As the only operator in the sector, we have our own authorised maintenance service.


Excellent knowledge of the sector and over a dozen years of experience on the market have put us in a position where we can select optimal solutions for customers.


We keep working in our laboratory to develop new solutions and ever better materials, implementing state-of-the-art technologies in our production process.


Quality is the key word at each stage of our work from professional advice and analysis of the customer’s situation to production and sale of tanks and fittings to maintenance services.



Thousands agricultural holdings all over the world use our fuel tanks and water containers.


That’s the number of years for which we guarantee the structural elements of our tanks.


We process as much as 480 tons of raw materials annually, transforming them into reliable, resistant and convenient tanks.


We offer over 100 configurations of tanks which means our products can be adapted to individual customer needs.

14 years

The Fortis Technology Group has been solving farmers’ and entrepreneurs’ problems for 14 years, helping them in the storage, dispensing and transport of fuels and consumable fluids.


Jako firma technologiczna dostarczająca zintegrowane rozwiązania dla sektora rynku paliwowego z czystym sercem mogę polecić firmę Fortis jako partnera biznesowego. Profesjonalna obsługa, otwartość na zmiany oraz jakość wykonywanych produktów jest niewątpliwie domeną Fortis Technology.
Marcin Drobiszewski - Petroleo DMS Sp. z o.o.
Fortis has never let me down. Their tanks are professionally made whilst the staff is always kind and committed to their work. I heartily recommend their services!
Adriana Ignaczak - Assortment Manager (Retail) - KRAMP
Nous n’avons jamais été déçus par Fortis. Leurs réservoirs sont réalisés par des professionnels, l’équipe du service client étant toujours gentille et engagée dans son travail. À conseiller!
Adriana Ignaczak - Assortment Manager (Retail) - KRAMP
Die Fa. Fortis hat mich nie enttäuscht! Ihre Tanks sind professionell gefertigt, und die Kundenbetreuung lässt keine Wünsche offen! Klare Empfehlung!
Adriana Ignaczak - Assortment Manager (Retail) - KRAMP
Fortis никогда не подвел меня ни в какой ситуации. Их емкости профессионально изготовлены, а сервис всегда вежлив и вовлечен в свою работу. Я несомненно их рекомендую!
Адриана Игначак - Assortment Manager (Retail) – KRAMP
Cieszę się, że znajomy polecił mi firmę Fortis. Jest to miejsce pełne rzetelnych i uprzejmych ludzi, którzy zawsze służą radą. Z czystym sumieniem sam mogę polecić tę firmę.
Wacław Górny - właściciel INTER-VAX
Representing a technological company supplying integrated solutions for the fuel market sector, I can definitely recommend Fortis as a business partner. Professional service, openness to changes and product quality are definitely the hallmarks of Fortis Technology.
Marcin Drobiszewski - Petroleo DMS Sp. z o.o.
En qualité de fournisseur de systèmes technologiques intégrés pour le secteur des carburants, je peux vivement conseiller Fortis comme un partenaire commercial. Les vrais avantages de Fortis Technology sont le service professionnel, une ouverture aux évolutions du marché et la qualité des produits fabriqués.
Marcin Drobiszewski - Petroleo DMS S.à.r.l.
Als ein technologisches Unternehmen, das integrierte Lösungen für den Kraftstoffsektor liefert, kann ich die Fa. Fortis als Geschäftspartner nur herzlich empfehlen. Professionelle Betreuung, innovative Einstellung sowie Qualität gefertigter Produkte stellen zweifellos die Stärke von Fortis Technology dar.
Marcin Drobiszewski - Petroleo DMS Sp. z o.o.
Как технологическая компания, которая предлагает комплексные решения для сектора топливного рынка, я с чистым сердцем могу порекомендовать компанию Fortis в качестве делового партнера. Профессиональное обслуживание, открытость к изменениям и качество изготавливаемой продукции, несомненно, являются достоянием Fortis Technology.
Марчин Дробишевски - Petroleo DMS Sp. z o.o.
I am happy that I was recommended Fortis by a friend. The company is full of reliable and polite people who always offer good advice. I recommend the company with a clear conscience.
Wacław Górny - owner INTER-VAX
Je suis content que mon collègue m’ait recommandé Fortis. C’est une société avec le personnel gentil et très compétent qui est toujours de conseil. Je peux absolument la recommander aux autres.
Wacław Górny - propriétaire d’INTER-VAX
Ich bin froh, dass mir die Fa. Fortis weiterempfohlen wurde. Es arbeitet hier eine Gruppe von zuverlässigen und kundenfreundlichen Mitarbeitern, die immer mit Rat zur Seite stehen. Von mir nur klare Empfehlung!
Wacław Górny - Inhaber von INTER-VAX
Я рад, что знакомый порекомендовал мне компанию Fortis. Это место, полное добросовестных и вежливых людей, которые всегда предоставят совет. Я с чистой совестью могу порекомендовать эту компанию.
Вацлав Гурны - владелец INTER-VAX

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